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Halfmg.com has gained huge popularity among the general audience for buying medicine in the past year, and one of the biggest reasons is its privacy policy. We have a well-versed privacy policy for customers and website visitors, no matter if they buy the medicine or not. Whenever you visit the website or place an order, we have a safety net that protects your information. No compromise with the privacy and security of the customer is made at Halfmg.com because we work on the values of customer satisfaction and safety first.

Whenever new customers visit our website and create an account, we request them to go through the privacy policy. It will help them know what rights they hold as a customer of our website. Also, it is a way to show how much we value our customers and take the initiative for them. We have divided the privacy policy into several categories, which are all discussed below. Also, you should keep in mind that if you are making a payment on our website, then it means that you have already read the privacy policy and accepted all the terms and conditions. That is why don’t skip giving a 5-minute read.

Policies regarding collecting information

  • Information is a very big asset not just to the consumer but to the seller also, due to which we protect it carefully.
  • We at halfmg.com pledge never to share your information with any outside marketing company. If you ever find any breath, then you can take legal action.
  • Encryption of the website, an advanced system, secures all the information we collect. It will safeguard your information and save time the next time you buy.
  • We will need your Name, Age, Contact Info., Address, Government ID, etc. The main purpose is to ensure you open an account in your name.

Policies regarding newsletter sign-up

  • At halfmg.com, we have a special newsletter for information and business. When you make your first purchase, you will receive an email to sign up for the newsletter. If you accept, then you will get informative emails. Otherwise, you will only receive your order-related necessary emails.
  • We encourage our customers to sign-up because we don’t just try to sell medicines through a newsletter but use them for awareness and general health.
  • Signing up for the newsletter will keep you updated with the latest offers and discounts. You might miss a few if you are not a newsletter reader.
  • If you notice any spamming through emails after signing up for the newsletter, you can also sign out and report the issue.
  • The employees of Halfmg.com never force you to sign-up for any newsletter. You can report it to higher authorities if something like this happens.
  • We also provide information about new launches of medicine through the newsletter.

Policies regarding transactions made

  • Every customer should know that halfmg.com has all the advanced technologies available for safety in the online world. All the pages are protected by SSL gateways and have end-to-end encryption. On the payment page, you will see extra security so that no hacker can enter the system and look out for your information.
  • When you proceed to make a purchase, then the system will check whether it is a human-initiated transaction or not. After that, when you enter your payment detail like your card, your registered contact will receive an OTP. The transaction will be successful if you provide an OTP. In the opposite scenario, the payment will fail.

Website cookies policy

The main purpose of applying cookies on the website is to track your activity on the website. This will help you provide a customized experience whenever you visit the next time. But it is your choice whether to opt for cookies or not.

  • You can simply opt out of cookies from the form available in the website

‘s lower section.

  • You should contact the support team if you don’t find the option. They will help you opt out of cookies and stop tracking your activities.
  • If you are opting in for cookies, you should never worry about tracking your payment details. Cookies are not going to track your payment information. Also, all the information related to payments is encrypted by 256-bit high-class security.

Review policy

  • We at Halfmg.com never force any of our customers to leave a review of the medicine they are buying. If you are getting calls and emails forcing you to leave a review, you can complain to the authorities.
  • We humbly request that all the buyers leave a review of the medicine they are buying from us. This way, they are helping fellow patients that are suffering from the same issue.
  • Providing a review will also help us improve so we can serve you better. All kinds of appreciation and criticism are welcomed. Your review might help a person make up their mind about whether they want to choose our website or not.
  • The review you leave on our website will be displayed under the medicine you buy. You can check the review anytime.
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