Return & Refund Policy

  • We accept the cancellation of orders you place on our website if it is under 24 hours. If you cancel the order after 24 days of buying, we will not accept it. After that, you have to receive the product.
  • If you find any issue with the packaging, you can refuse to accept the order.
  • After buying the medicine, you can exchange it if it is not open and is of no use to you. We believe in minimizing wastage and saving our environment.
  • If there is any mistake from the side of the website in dosage or medicine, then you can return the order. Against that, you can order other medicine or take a refund.
  • At Halfmg.com, you will only get a refund to your payment source. There is no option for a cash refund available on the website. If you want, then you can also ask for credit vouchers.
  • If you fail to provide a prescription (except OTC medication)for the medicine after ordering you will get refund your payment and order will cancel automatically.
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