Terms and Conditions

  • All the information we provide is correct, but you should never decide to buy the medicine based on your own research. We strongly recommend you visit the physician and ask them about medicine safety before buying it. We are not responsible for any allergies or side effects of the medicine.
  • We never sell prescription-based medicines without one. If you don’t have a prescription, we give you a small window to provide us with a prescription first.
  • The images that you see on the website are for reference. The packaging you receive might differ slightly because of changes in packaging or artificial photographic conditions. That is why you should not consider it a replica of your product.
  • We mostly mention the price of the medicine in USD, but you can change it according to your currency.
  • The prices of medicine vary from time to time. You should never stick to one price at which you have bought the medicine once. It might increase or decrease as per offers.
  • We follow the rules and regulations of the medical board of every country we serve in. So we can stop selling any medicine in your province according to the government’s rules. If your government bans any medicine you have already ordered, we will refund your amount. We will not accept returns of any such medicine.
  • We never share any information, and in case you find any such activity, report the issue.
  • We don’t take responsibility for any customs charges you must pay. Only the customer is responsible for that.
  • Although the medicine you order will reach you within seven to 14 working days, sometimes there is a delay. In that case, we request you wait for 6-7 days more, and if the medicine does not reach you, you can cancel the order. We can refund the amount or send you a reshipment.
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